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Multilingual and Multimedia Glossary for Risk Management (MGRM)
Multilinguales und Multimedia Glossar für Risikomanagement (MGRM)
Glossaire Multilingue et Multimedia de la Gestion du Risque (GMGR)



Project Description:
The Multilingual Glossary for Risk Managment has been created in the framework of an Integrated Project (IP) in the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union: IST  FP6-511481: Wide Information Network to improve  Risk Management (WIN). Within the WIN project, one workpackage was dedicated to "Human Language Interoperability" (WP 2000) that focused on preparing support tools for specialised communication in the field of risk management. The project started in 2004 and ended in 2008. In WP 2000 the following experts  actively contributed : coordinators: Prof. Gertrud Greciano (Strasbourg), Prof. Gerhard Budin (Vienna), Prof. Ulrike Hass (Duisburg-Essen), Prof. Annely Rothkegel (Chemnitz), 
supported by staff members: Steffi Baumann (Chemnitz), Christian Burghard (Chemnitz), Csilla Bornemisza (Vienna),  Maren Runte (Essen), Julia Steuber (Essen) and in cooperation with Dr. Danielle Candel (Paris), Cornelia Cujba (Iasi),  Luis Gonzalez (Caracas-Paris), Prof. John Humbley (Paris), Andra Moga (Iasi-Vienne), Virginie Tombeux (Paris).

Scientific Publications:  
1. Gerhard Budin (2007): "Semantic Systems Supporting Cross-Disciplinary Environmental Communication." In: O. Hryniewicz; J. Studzinski, A. Szediw (eds.): Environmental Informatics and Systems Research. Volume 2: Workshop and application papers. Warsaw EnviroInfo Conference 2007, Shaker Verlag, Aachen 2007, pp 23-27. (download)

2. Gertrud Greciano (2006): "Science of language to improve risk communication." In Ch. Kirchsteiger: Systems and Human Science: Complex Systems. Approches for Safety, Security and Reliability (SSR 2006).
Vienna,EU Commission, Proceedings 3rd International Symposium. (download)

3. Gertrud Greciano/Gerhard Budin (2007): "Designing linguistic support for risk management." In M.Erlich/K.Fabbri/G.Weets (Eds.): Natural hazards
and risk reduction in Europe. From science to practice". Amsterdam, EU-MEDIN Companies, Springer, pp.70-94. (download)

4. Annely Rothkegel (2006): "Risk concepts and language use." In Ch. Kirchsteiger:  Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium on Systems & Human Science: Complex Systems Approaches for Safety, Security and Reliability (SSR 2006), Vienna, EU Commission. (download)

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